Meet our EDM specialist Flemming Staub

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uni indlæg 27 sep

I have been an EDM specialist for over 24 years.

In our industry and through the work we do at Uni-Technology, my job is not an uncommon function as part of the process/solutions we provide. So, the function itself is not what makes this job special – we have a responsibility towards our workplace and our customers, which mean that we also have close cooperation’s.

Our customers come from many different industries therefore their demands, views and perspectives vary greatly, and can also vary from one job to another. So, flexibility and attention to detail are key and no day is the same. Working together in our environment of engineers, designers, toolmakers and specialists like myself, we are held to quality standards in every aspect of our job and tasks at hand. It is especially critical in our roles to hold an eye on the simplest to the most complex details of a particular job. For all of us, Quality Assurance is from start to finish. Therefore, we are also encouraged to find solutions to any issues or non-matched goals, and discuss it with our colleagues if you cannot overlook a task yourself. In this manner of working, we help each other to provide the best quality outcomes and products to our customers. For my colleagues and myself, it is a rewarding feeling and a privilege to collaborate in such a positive way with our team and our customers. It is a plus that makes it easy to go the extra mile when a customer needs our help.