3D Design & Prototyping


3D printing solutions

The technology 3D Printing gives you countless opportunities.
Product design and innovation will be greatly increased, workflow and production is optimized and in the end you get success with your finished product.

To ensure proper simulation in the manufacturing of the prototype, we use innovative SolidWorks & Pro-Engineer software to convert or create new motives.

PolyJet printing

Our PolyJet technology is the only one of its kind in Denmark.
This technology is a high definition addition process that can print in multiple materials, colors and varied hardnesses and as thin as down to 16 microns (0.0006 "). It is especially good at producing parts, models or prototypes with complex geometries, fine details and smooth surfaces. You can even combine several materials.

With this technology we can make tools for injection molding for small test runs (10-100 parts). This gives your project more flexibility and cost savings.

Choose PolyJet if you wish to produce:
• Presentation Models
• Master patterns
• Form & Fit models
• Flexible, rubber-like models
• Prototypes for medical equipment
• Prototypes for fittings, valves and parta with complex interior features

FDM 3D Print

FDM 3D printing (Fused deposition modeling) is an additional manufacturing technology that builds parts up layer by layer by heating and extrusion of thermoplastic filament.

Our FDM process using ABS material, which allows you to use it to make everything from concept models to production parts.

It provides an excellent thermal and chemical resistance and good strength-to-weight ratios.

Choose FDM 3D Printing If you wish to produce:
• Production aids
• Jigs and fixtures
• Tools for carbon fiber layup
• Functional prototypes
• Low volume production parts

Contact us to discuss how we can help take your ideas – to production.

Vi producerer 3d protoyper i metal, plastic eller gips
Med rapid prototyping fra UniTechnologie får du stor produktionsserier
Men vi fremstiller også enkelte prototyper